ALTRATEC Automation GmbH
Our success in figures

  • 1987
    Founding of ALTRATEC (short for ALuminium TRAnsfer TEChnik) GmbH by Mssrs. Hauf and Haidle in Schwieberdingen close to Stuttgart
  • 1991
    Opening of a subsidiary plant in Saxony
  • 1995
    Certified in accordance with ISO 9001
  • 1996
    Relocation of headquarters to the new building in Neukirchen close to Chemnitz
  • 1998
    Sales partnership with Creative Automation Inc. for North America
  • 2013
    Implementation of succession solution: The Bachtel Group takes over Altratec. Besides Altratec, the Bachtel Group also includes the Swiss company Kanya.
  • 2014
    Sales partnership with Meccania in Italy
  • 2020
    Relocation of headquarters to a new building in Leonberg