Automation in focus

Workshop Automation

ALTRATEC presents automation solutions for machine tools at DMG MORI workshop in Stollberg

Automated machine tools enable a more efficient production and secure a stable market position in the long term. In an increasingly competitive environment, the intelligent combination of machine tool and automation therefore plays a significant role. The workshop "Automation" of DMG MORI Berlin Hamburg GmbH takes up this topic. It takes place on 28th and 29th August 2018 in Stollberg.

At the workshop, ALTRATEC will present its versatile conveyor portfolio in a hands-on demonstration. The invited attendees of the one-day workshop can take the opportunity to obtain comprehensive information on individual solutions for the supply and removal of workpieces by transport systems.

Workshop organizer DMG MORI Berlin Hamburg GmbH will present a pallet handling system as well as various workpiece handling systems on DMG MORI turning and milling machines.