Wide belt conveyor

The conveyor for special conveyance requirements

Product specifications

The ALTRATEC wide belt conveyors are equipped as standard with cut-proof Transilon belt constructed with a polyester surface. If necessary, it is also possible to use conveyor belts of a wide variety materials and with different textured surfaces.

Depending on the requirements, various profiles or patterns can be applied to the conveyor belts.


Addition to ALTRATEC conveyor program for special conveyance requirements:

  • Conveying of parts on sensitive surfaces
  • Conveying parts or parts carriers with complex geometries
  • Preferably with synchronized operation

Technical data

Transport media Cut-proof belt Transilon E8/2 U0/U2 green
Conveying speeds up to max. 12 m/min
Workpiece dimensions for transport without WP carrier Width of up to 1400 mm
Workpiece weigths up to max. 50 kg
Overall permissible load of conveyor up to max. 150 kg
Positioning accuracy with synchronized operation +/- 2 mm