Plate chain conveyor

The modular, rugged and cost-effective interlinking solution for conveyance and assembly

Product specifications


Our ALTRATEC chain conveyor systems are based on standardized mechanical modules, that can also be combined with other ALTRATEC conveyor systems to create customized transport systems.


Since many modules are used across the entire spectrum of the ALTRATEC conveyor systems, we are able to offer appropriate and affordable solutions for every application.


The proven designs of ALTRATEC conveyor systems have been developed for use in a wide variety of industrial environments and have proven their durability in many applications.


All conveyors can be equipped with automatic chain tensioning and lubrication systems.

Thanks to its tight curve radiuses, it is possible to store a large quantity of workpieces / workpiece carriers within a very small area. With almost any angle possible for the reversals, the system can be optimally adapted to existing conditions on site.


Flexible transport system for process-oriented interlinking of manual workstations, automatic assembly and testing stations as well as machine tools.
The modular and rugged interlinking solution for conveying, storing, positioning as well as the infeed and outfeed of workpieces and workpiece carriers (WPC) for lines with limited space and minimal control installations.

Technical Data

Transport media Plate chains with hardened steel plates in 50 or 80mm width
Conveying speeds up to max. 12 m/min
WPC dimensions L x W = 150 x 120 ... 800 x 600 (other sizes available upon request)
Workpiece dimensions for transport without WP carrier Width of up to 40mm / 74mm
WPC weight including workpiece
  • up to max. 15kg (50mm chain width)
  • up to max. 50kg (80mm chain width)
Positioning accuracy of workpiece carrier +/- 0.15mm
WPC switchover times > 6 sec (depending on workpiece carrier dimension and weight)