Carrying roller conveyor

The system designed for transporting a wide variety of parts and parts carriers

Product specifications


The transport rollers are manufactured individually for every application based on the width of the roller track. Different materials, coatings and forms are available for delivery.

Roller drive

The transport rollers are driven via a one-sided chain sprocket with the aid of a tangential chain. As a result, individual rollers can be removed from the top at any time without dismantling the drive.


Driven and non-driven roller conveyors for transporting a wide variety of products Impervious to dirty and wet parts or parts carriers.

Technical data

Transport medium Carrying roller with hardened steel casing
other materials and surface coatings possible
Roller diameter 50/60 mm
Roller spacing 60 ... 150mm
Working load max. 100kg / roller (depending on the width of the roller track)
Possible roller versions
  • without drive
  • with fixed drive
  • with integrated friction clutch, non-adjustable (advance approx. 5 ... 7% of the weight to be conveyed)
  • Diverse coatings of roller casing possible
Conveying speed depending on part weight of up to approx. 25m/min