Friction roller conveyor with adjustable friction

The reliable and economic transport solutions for transport of large, sensitive parts without a WP carrier

Product specifications

Careful conveyance

The rollers are driven individually via adjustable slip clutches. The advancing force can be adapted individually to the requirements at every position of the conveyor. Workpieces that also have sensitive or fragile machined surfaces can be transported safely thanks to careful selection of roller material and shape.

Individual selection of separators

The workpieces can be stopped by using conventional, pneumatic, damped or non-damped separators. If necessary, an equipment variation with electro-mechanical separators are also possible, where the drive system is located within the protective enclosure.


  • Transport system without WP carriers and designed for interlinking steps within machining production.
  • The rugged and individual transport solution for careful conveyance of workpieces

Technical data

Transport media Rollers made of steel or plastic, adaptable to workpiece contour
Conveying speeds 3 ... 6m / min
Workpiece dimensions 220 x 220 ... 1,500 x 1,500 mm (other sizes available upon request)
Workpiece weight up to 500kg
Positioning accuracy of workpieces +/- 0.15mm
Roller friction individually adjustable via slip clutches